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I want him. 

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"Really? Then I’ll be on my guard", he grins and follows the womer. Humus remembers when his little sister was six months old (he saw her for the first time then, while visiting his family in Valenwood eight years ago)… His scalp still ached the next day but he didn’t really care. She was adorable. 

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Hee, she looks like she’d climb up the tallest tree in seconds! Humus thinks, her figure having caught his eye. I wonder if I went and asked for a tree-climbing race, would she agree?

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nordicdragonborn replied to your post “[Curiousity] “What are you staring at? I didn’t spill my drink anywhere, did I?”

"H-handsome? Me? I don’t think anyone’s called me that before."

"Then I am happy to be the first one", Humus grins and scoots over to the man with a freshly opened wine bottle in his hands. 

"Want to share this with me~?"

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Not only will he be able to spend time with Tuhka, the mer will be in his room?! Almost giddy, Humus grins and gestures towards the dorms. 

"Please allow me to show you the way to my humble room." 

Tuhka didn’t need to say anything, his expression said it all, which quite surely translated as ‘ugh’. Still, he had been neglecting his hair care recently, if Humus knows what he’s doing this’ll be a good chance to get it sorted out…. and he wasn’t the worst company.

"Very well, lead the way." He sighed and followed the other Mer.

The Hall of Attainment isn’t the most welcoming of places, but then again, with the College being made almost entirely of stone so that could be said about the whole building. Humus rarely enjoys the walk through the snowy yard but at least it’s a short one. 

"I happen to have the privilege of owning a second-floor room", he says happily to Tuhka as they enter the hall. They walk up the stairs and Humus opens the door for Tuhka to his (surprisingly tidy) room. 

"Important guests first."

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Humus can’t help but stare. 

He is unsure whether the mer is making fun of him or actually thinking that Humus is a little slow. He clears his throat. 

"I’m… glad that you’re-" trying to take me into consideration, he was going to say, but he changed his mind. He almost feels sorry for the mer who looks at him as if worried that Humus might not be able to understand what he had just said. 

"I’ll be glad to show you to the Arcanaeum. It’s a wondrous place, Urag takes such good care of it and the books." 

"I have heard. I am still unsure if an orcimer have the finesse one needs to take care of books, but my brother would rave on about it" Vanye smiles, "You know, once he spoke." Which happened more and more rarely. Ah, no loss, really, his brother was not exactly someone Vanye enjoyed talking too.

"It is rather wondrous, I suppose. The College has quite a bit of charm for having been built by nords.” And clearly they had no standards at all, taking in almost ninety year old bosmer who are only adept.

A person’s race isn’t what defines their skills, Humus wants to say but thinks it wiser to keep his mouth shut. Also, with people like that, it would be like talking to a brick wall. The comment about the mer’s brother is curious but the Bosmer doesn’t think too much about even though he does wonder if he is kinder than his brother. 

"It does have that kind of a charm, doesn’t it. The Nords’ infatuation with stone though - I don’t like it, much too cold, but what can I do."